The thermal and electronic dynamics in low-dimensional systems

The thermal and electronic dynamics in low-dimensional systems on the base of Pb(Sn)-Ag-Sb-Te compounds for thermoelectric energy microgenerators with high efficiency

State registration number: 0117U003188

Project duration:  2016 – 2017

Grant holder: Vasyl Stefanyk  Precarpathian National University

Project goals: Modeling of electrons and phonons dynamics for technology optimization for obtaining of thin film low-dimensional semiconductor materials on the basis of LAST-type compounds: Pb (Sn)-Ag-Sb (Bi)-Te by the method of open evaporation in vacuum for their subsequent application as thermoelectric micromodules for function in temperature range (300-450) K.

Specific project objectives are:

  1. Obtaining nanostructured condensates based on Pb(Sn)-Ag-Sb(Bi)-Te compounds by steam-phase methods, and studying their thermoelectric properties.
  2. Study of the change in the phase composition and structural state, depending on the technological terms for obtaining of the materials and its chemical composition.

Expected results: The technology of nanostructured condensates based on Pb(Sn)-Ag-Sb(Bi)-Te compounds will be obtained by vapor phase methods. The optimal parameters for formation of thermoelectric elements of n- and p-type conductivity will determine. For the material the obtained thermoelectric parameters are expected as follows: in absolute terms, the Seebeck coefficient, depending on the temperature range will be equals (150-300) μV/K, and the specific electrical conductivity at the same time will be at the level (200-350)Ohm-1cm-1. The dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit  ZT for material based on Pb(Sn)-Ag-Sb-Te is expected to be 0.8-1.1.

Partnership: B. I. Stepanov Institute of Physics National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Contact person and project manager in Vasyl Stefanyk  Precarpathian National University: Prof. Lyubomyr NYKYRUY, Ph.D, e-mail: