National project: writing an essay

Recently, Precarpathian National University. Vasyl Stefanyk signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Smart Education NGO, according to which three teachers of the Ukrainian language department – Vira Pitel, Natalia Ivanyshyn and Roksolana Stefurak – became participants (in the future – national trainers) of the Smart Education NGO.
Grammarly) “National Project: writing an essay.” Its goal is to change approaches to teaching writing in Ukrainian schools.
Data from the UTSOYAO for 2019 show that most graduates have problems with writing their own statements at the external evaluation. Halyna Titysh, Chair of the Board of Smart Education, said: “We want to change this situation and improve students’ ability to express their views in writing. Yes, we understand that the most effective way to do this is to change the approach to teaching writing in schools in general, to provide teachers with knowledge, methods, skills and materials for effective teaching of writing. This project is my big dream and the dream of the whole team, so we are happy to start it. ”
The project involves teachers from six universities and IPPO (in addition to our university, Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University, Donbas State Pedagogical University, Zhytomyr Regional IPPO), vocabulary teachers, journalists (23 participants in total). After graduation, they will become a trained team of national trainers who will have modern methods of developing writing skills and will train teachers to teach students to write quality texts. Three stages of the project are planned. The first involves training a team of coaches at the national level (training program from Ukrainian mentors). The second stage of training will reach the international level within the framework of National Writing Project (USA). The task of the third stage is the development of didactic materials, methodical recommendations and educational programs by trainers for training and advanced training of teachers. The first stage of the project is currently underway. In the weekly classes, which take place in a lecture-seminar format, future trainers tested different stages of writing in practice, worked on an artistic essay-catalog. At the end of each pair, brainstorming generates and captures ideas that will later become the basis for creating a methodological framework for teaching essays to Ukrainian students.