“Gateway to the Central Gorgany”: Intercultural Dialogue at the Polish-Ukrainian Borderland” PBU2/0822/18

Grant contract N ° PLBU.01.01.00-UA-0822 / 19-00 in accordance with the decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee of April 17, 2020 within the Cross-border Cooperation Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014 -2020, implemented under the European Neighborhood Instrument


Project duration: 12 months

Total project budget: 55,664.57 Euro

Сo-financing within EIC: 49,541.47 Euro

Project goal: to promote the historical and cultural heritage of the Boyko region of the Polish-Ukrainian border on the territory of Broshniv-Osadska OTG, strengthen intercultural links, implement common preserving plans and increase touristic attractiveness.

Project aims: to promote the historical and cultural heritage of Boyko’s area of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland on the territory of AH by strengthening intercultural connections, implementing common preserving plans and increasing touristic attractiveness, while specific objectives are: firstly, to implement cross-border activities determined to strengthen cultural links, intercultural dialogue, and cooperation; secondly, to bring to the official registration and protection 1 cultural heritage object; and thirdly, to realize activities determined to popularize, promote and to increase touristic attractiveness of cultural heritage of Boyko’s area of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland on the territory of AH.

Project tasks: 4 cross-border culture events; prepared documentation for the Catholic Church of St. Secilia and its registration in National register of cultural heritage objects; developed 1 new tourist route related to Boyco’s heritage; elaborated 1 register of Boyco’s heritage in the Broshniv-Osadska AH; prepared 1 strategy of Broshniv-Osadska AH touristic
development; conducted 45 biographical interviews; published: 5 joint scientific publications, 3 joint analytical reports, 3 joint policy papers; opened 1 Information Tourist Center “Cultural Heritage Center of Broshniv-Osadska AH”; prepared and printed 2000 copies of promotional materials; increased knowledge about Boyco’s culture, history, and traditions, enhanced level of Broshniv-Osadska AH touristic attractiveness and recognition; strengthened intercultural connections and dialogue activity (in relation to Boyco’s heritage promotion).

Project partners: The project partnership is composed of 2 research organizations (PL; UA) and one local government institution (UA). It gives a good composition of partners having knowledge and experience to reach the project objectiveness.


Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Higher educational Instituition (Ukraine)


The State School of Higher Education in Chełm


Broshniv-Osadska Amalgamated Hromada

Contact person: Olga Maksymovych, author and project manager, director of the Educational and Scientific Center for Sociological Research of the Precarpathian Region of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, e-mail: analytics@pnu.edu.ua / olga.maksymovych@pnu.edu. ua