MoPED Results


During the project, the PNU team took part in a number of study visits, namely:

• 4 participants from PNU visited the University of Deusto in the period from 19 to 23.03.2018 where they got familiarized with the education system of Spain and the organization of the educational process at the University of Deusto;
• 3 participants from PNU visited Krakow University of Science and Technology. S. Stashica (AGH) from 10 to 13.04.2018;
• 4 participants from PNU visited the University of Cyprus from 04 to 07.06.2018. The participants of the study visit got familiarized with the pedagogical experience of Cypriot colleagues, in particular, regarding innovative forms and tools of education.

Within the framework of the 1st work package, an in-depth analysis and study of higher pedagogical education in Ukraine was planned, for this purpose the team of Borys Hrynchenko University of Kyiv developed a survey in which PNU teams organized participation:

• Academic staff – 120 people;
• School teachers – 79 people;
• Students – 498 people.

As part of the 2nd work package, an Innovation Class was created in which equipment for teaching methods of STEM subjects and IT was purchased and installed.
ICR  Concept  developed,  agreed  and  accepted  by  the  University Academic Board.
You can read the concept by following the link below:

This class was later transformed into the center of innovative educational technologies “PNU EcoSystem”.
You can learn more about the work of the center at the link below:


Webinars, online trainings, round tables, mass actions and conferences, as well as advanced training of pedagogical staff of various types of educational institutions were held on the basis of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU Ecosystem”.

As part of the 3rd work package, a number of trainings were conducted to improve professional skills and knowledge:

  • The online course “ENGLISH FOR TEACHERS” was organized and conducted from February 15 to December 15, 2018 (3 lessons per week) (4 working hours per week): 1 grammar lesson (60 minutes), 2 practical lessons (90 minutes each) – 5 out of 10 participants successfully completed it;
  • Offline “ENGLISH FOR EDUCATORS” for pedagogical staff of PNU, was held from 02.10.2019 to 05.03.2020 – 19 participants took part;
  • 7 people took part in the training organized by the University of Deusto “Formation of competence and measurement of planned learning outcomes”;
  • 109 teachers of vocational, primary and secondary educational institutions took part in seminars organized by the staff of the PNU project;
  • The evaluation report was prepared and uploaded to the Google Drive project folder in Ukrainian and English;
  • In-house trainings for pedagogical teachers were conducted.


WP4 Education resources and  their implementation

  • Plan of implementation was developed, approved by all the  partners and downloaded on the project website:                  (;
  • Professional English course for Educators was developed. The  e-version of the book will be downloaded till April 14, 2021;
  • 4 new courses were designed (1 in English), introduced into  educational programs (3 Master’s Degree; 1 Bachelor’s  degree): The educational programs with implemented new  courses are accredited;
  • Commission for internal evaluation was created and  contained stakeholders and students – two internal evaluations were conducted. The minutes are downloaded into the corresponding folder of the Internal project platform;
  • The developed courses were successfully piloted in autumn  2019 and autumn 2020. Total number of students taught  according to modernized programs:
  • 667 students – 174 for Bachelor’s Degree  and 493 for Masters degree;
  • The  templates  for  course  handbooks  were  developed,  discussed and distributed among UA project partners;
  • The handbooks of 4 designed courses were downloaded on  the project website:;
  • The online versions of courses werecreated and allocated on  project website.
  • Template for the WP4 report was established and distributed among project partners.
  • Report of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (P1) D.4.5. – DONE


Within the framework of the 4th work package a number of new training courses were developed, namely:


Name of the course: Methodology of e-LearninginPrimarySchool
Author: Olena Budnyk
Speciality: 013 «Primary Education»
Education Level: Master
Language: Ukrainian



Name of the course: Innovative technologies in STEM education
Author: Victoria Gnezdilova
Speciality: 014.05 Secondary Еducation (biology and human health)
Education Level: Master
Language: Ukrainian



Name of the course: Media Didactics of Рrimary School
Author: Inna Chervinska
Speciality: 013 «Primary Education»
Education Level: Bachelor
Language: Ukrainian



Name of the course: Geocultural Scientific Literacy
Author: Tetyana Blyznyuk
Speciality: 013 «Primary Education» (specialization «English Language and Literature»)
Education Level: Master
Language: Ukrainian

To learn more about the courses follow the link:


Within the framework of the 6th working package a number of information days were held, namely:

From October 15, 2017 to June – June 1, 2019, the PNU team held 17 information days (presentations, workshops, etc.) for teachers, academic staff and students.

Dissemination of information of the project

The project was mentioned in the following media: Ivano-Frankivsk regional Television (Channel 402, TRK RAI), Internet publication (“Windows”, “Course”), social and political portal of Ivano-Frankivsk and Precarpathia “The site of the city”, Blitz-Info “Ivano-Frankivsk News”, and others.

Printed editions: the newspaper “Galytsky Correspondent”, “Reporter”; informing materials in the scientific journals “Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians” (2017), “Obrii” (2018), etc.

Precarpathian National University won the competition “Leader of Higher Education of Ukraine”

At the IX International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2018” and the VII International Exhibition of Education abroad “World Edu” the University received the Grand Prize “Leader of Higher Education of Ukraine”, the Gold Medal and the Certificate of Quality of Scientific Publications (March, 2018) in the nomination “Development and Use of Innovative Technologies of Blended Learning”.