Smart Education

Smart Education is an active non-governmental organization, registered in July 2016. However, the organization began its activities in 2012 with the initiative “Parental Control”. Then journalists Ivanna Kobernyk, Zoya Zvyniatskivska, Oksana Makarenko and Halyna Titysh drew attention to the low quality of textbooks for schoolchildren and tried to solve this problem by the means available to them – public discussions, high-profile texts and media stories. Subsequently, there were changes in the leadership of the state’s education sector, and many of our initiatives were reflected in the reform of the New Ukrainian School. This reform coincides in value with the vision of the members of the organization, and the two co-founders became advisers to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych.

The organization believes that the victory and a solid foundation for our society is the reform of education New Ukrainian School, which is designed to generate new meanings, values ​​of development, respect, child-centeredness, innovation.

The work of the organization “Smart Education” aims to support the reform and help parents, teachers and students to be active participants in the educational process.

The mission of the organization is to form new social norms and values, in particular in the field of education, for the qualitative transformation of Ukraine into a society with European values.

Now the organization is actively attracting people who are ready to work for the development of education and the promotion of the New Ukrainian School reform.