Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University is the coordinator of the project “RadiatIon Safety: European-Ukrainian APproach” number 101127143 — RISE-UP — ERASMUS-JMO-2023-HEI-TCH-RSCH. Project implementation period: September 01, 2023 – August 31, 2026.

Thus, the strategic goal of the course is to build a platform (theoretical course, practical classes, informational website) that would combine information, educational, and regulatory components that contribute to the formation of an objective and justified positive civil position in matters related to the use of nuclear energy and sources of ionizing radiation in terms of the need to comply with specific security measures and regulations that will allow their efficient and safe use.

The tactical goal of the course is to form a system of interdisciplinary knowledge among students about the nature of radioactive radiation, risk factors, biological effects, dose characteristics of ionizing radiation, radiation hygiene, and radiation protection in the context of the need to ensure the implementation of the state policy of Ukraine in the field of radiation safety when bringing norms and legislative acts into compliance with EU requirements. The implementation of the course objectives will take place within the framework of the priorities identified by the European Commission.

The concept of the course provides for the formation and work in three areas – physical and technical, biological and medical, and regulatory with the formation of joint conclusions and the possibility of in-depth study in one of the three areas. The content of the course will make maximum use of existing best practices, in particular, the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the content of the syllabus, Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources with an emphasis on topical issues and practical learning outcomes. Each part of the project implementation will have a specific methodology.