The Project Management Department is a separate, independent structural subdivision of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. The Department is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine and resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, regulations, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, orders and directives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, orders and directives of the University Rector, international treaties , the statute of the University, the rules of internal labor regulations, rules and standards of document circulation.


The main tasks of the project management department are:

  • facilitating the University’s participation in international grant programs for the implementation of educational, infrastructure and investment projects;
  • promoting the establishment of broad multi-vector links of the University with international organizations, free economic relations in the field of joint educational, infrastructural and social activities;
  • accumulation and generalization of experience of cooperation for further development of the University in this field;
  • promoting the development of new educational and infrastructure projects together with leading Ukrainian and international educational institutions;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of project results in the activities of the University.


Carrying out the tasks assigned to the following department of project management, carries out the following activities:

  • advising on the development and submission of competitive project applications and the accompanying package of documents for obtaining grant funds from international donors for the implementation of educational, infrastructure and investment projects;
  • participation in seminars / information days provoked by international donors, funds, programs for the provision and implementation of educational, infrastructure and investment projects;
  • assistance in writing applications in accordance with the requirements of the international donor program;
  • carrying out analysis and providing recommendations on already written project applications;
  • providing advisory assistance to university staff involved in the preparation and submission of project applications for competitions from international donors to write a descriptive part and / or form / budget;
  • establishing relations and establishing cooperation with foreign universities, educational institutions / associations for the joint preparation, submission of applications and participation / implementation of projects by the University with the involvement of grant funds;
  • search for international donors / funds / programs that offer competitions for grants for educational, infrastructure and investment projects;
  • implementation of support during the submission of project applications;
  • providing information on the project implementation process in general and in each individual case in accordance with the rules of the Donor of the program where funding was received;
  • keeping records of concluded grant and partnership agreements for projects in the field of international cooperation with foreign educational institutions, international organizations, business entities (residents, non-residents) in the field of education and science;
  • creation and constant updating of the general base of ideas and developments for information processing for use in the following applications for receiving grant funds from international donors;
  • promoting successful cooperation with the Free Economic Zone of Ukraine and the world and international organizations to build the capacity of the university, improve the quality of education and competitiveness of the institution;
  • advising, analyzing and providing recommendations on writing business plans for investment projects;
  • establishing interaction between the University departments and project executors during their implementation;
  • systematic holding of workshops / seminars / trainings on the application of national and program laws and regulations during the implementation of projects, as well as after their completion.


Department staff:

Liubov Zinyuk – Head of the Project Management Department (lyubov.zink@gmail.com);

Ruslan Haiduk – Leading Specialist of the Project Management Department (haidukruslan@gmail.com)

Pavlo Stefaniuk – Leading Specialist of the Project Management Department (stefaniukpavlo23@gmail.com)

Solomiia ShevchukLeading Specialist of the Project Management Department (solomiiashevchuk@gmail.com)



Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Shevchenka St, 57

main building, office 202

Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018



E-mail: projects_dep@pnu.edu.ua

Web: https://projects.pnu.edu.ua/