Receiving of quantum-dimensional structures

Receiving of quantum-dimensional structures based on IV-VI compounds and research in them thermal and electronic transport processes using noncontact laser optical diagnostics

State registration number: 0113U003689

Project duration: 2014 – 2015

Project executor: Vasyl Stefanyk  Precarpathian National University (Project of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

Project goals: Obtaining of the self-organized vapor phase nanosized structures on the basis of IV-VI compounds, studying the peculiarities of their growth, orientation, as well as detailed study of thermal and electronic transport processes for the creation on their basis of devices for nanoelectronics and thermoelectric.

Specific project objectives are:

Obtaining of nanostructures based on IV-VI compounds by vapor-phase methods and comprehensive study of their thermal conductivity and electronic transport.
Optimization of technological processes (“hot wall”, deposition from the gas-dynamic steam of stream and obtaining by open evaporation in vacuum), which can be economically advantageous for obtaining self-organized ordered quantum-sized structures with predefined topology, composition, spectral and thermoelectric properties.
An explanation of the experimentally established regularities regarding the orderly self-organization of quantum-dimensional structures, in particular, their influence on the spectral and thermoelectric parameters of the heterostructure.
Achieved results: There were developed the theory and method of calculation and obtained the dependencies of thermoelectric parameters on the quantum well width with infinitely high and limited barriers based on pure and doped compounds IV-VI. The quantum-size 2D structure PbTe, PbTe:Sb from the vapor phase at different technological conditions were received. It was investigated the mechanisms of their formation and growth, the effect of growth conditions on the topology, thermoelectric and optical properties.

Contact person and project manager in Vasyl Stefanyk  Precarpathian National University:
Dmytro FREIK, Ph.D., Professor,  e-mail:, Senior researcher Bogdan DZUNDZA, Ph.D., post-doc,